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Marketizator is a software created for marketers with a sole purpose: conversion rate optimization for any website. Marketizator is a 3 in 1 conversion suite that integrates 3 major features: web personalization, surveys and A/B testing. Nowadays, web personalization is not a choice, but a necessity to survive. With our web personalization tool, you can trigger personalized interactions to the website users in a specific moment on their journey: pricing page, cart-page, on exit intent, on scroll, on load or on-click. All those can be addressed to specific segments of visitors, based on geolocation, weather, previous visits, behavior, etc. Using Surveys to find out the visitors’ reasons to leave the shopping cart or to navigate on your website gives valuable insights, real answers from real customers. Based on the survey’s answers you will know what changes to test on your website in order to sell more. The A/B Testing feature allows you to test a different version of a webpage against the original one and to allocate as much traffic as you want for it. Using A/B Testing you will find out which version brings you more conversion, without any programming or design skills. Test it for free by registering for a 30 days trial.

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