Teamer is a sports social platform across the web, email & mobile to let players, managers and coaches communicate & organise, taking the hassle out of sports team organisation and management.Formed in September 2008, Teamer was developed to enable team organizers automate many of the tedious tasks involved in organizing a sports team. The service integrates email, closed loop sms technology and mobile apps to ensure all members can be reached whether they are web, mobile web, or sms users. Teamer provides each team with private and secure online teampages where members can interact and share team related content (chat, share photo's, match reports, attendance stats etc)Teamer's integration of web, email, sms and mobile app enables a team organizer to communicate with all of the team members, whatever their preferred channel of communication. Ranging form feature rich mobile apps, to sms and email, Teamer is the ideal channel for any sports team or community to interact online and through mobile devices.Teamer has secured significant long term blue chip sponsors looking to reach Teamer members via web/email/mobile in a unique digital engagement. Teamer offers its advertisers and sponsors unrivalled reach and profile based targeting in the sports vertical. In addition to advertising and sponsorship revenue Teamer derives revenue through mobile apps, sms, and an increasing range of freemium and value added services to our global sports community.Teamer now has 1.6 million members across UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In 2013 Teamer will see new market growth the USA and Canadian markets.

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  • 100 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, California , United States .

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