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Why should I partner with Eight Bit over other agencies?We're not an agency. We're a studio. This means in addition to client work, we build our own products from the ground up. We do this because it gives our team a unique perspective on collaboration that puts the emphasis on production quality and value instead of what each person is responsible for.Our culture is journey-based, not destination-based. This means we're just as concerned about the relationship and experience we have with our clients as we are with the final product. We celebrate every aspect of what it takes to meet a projects goals and focus on the collective strength we gain by collaborating at every step of the process.We're very selective about the projects we work on and who we collaborate with. This is important because it means that if we work together, you have the peace of mind knowing that we're not working on your project just to keep our team busy. Unlike other agencies, we don't just post our 4-5 most expensive projects to trick you into liking us; we post them all! Our measure of success is a showcase quality portfolio piece every single time. A product that both you and us can be equally excited to talk about!Our goal is to become a flagship studio for Chicago and that means doing great work. We want to provide the forum for what the best talent in Chicago is capable of achieving through user experience, design and development. We work exclusively with senior level talent. Our team is composed of craftsmen and women from some of Chicago's most well-known ad agencies, at the top of their game, ready to crush it on your project!Our high standards for execution have already started paying off. Our work has been featured in publications such as USA Today, BrandWeek, MSNBC, Fast Company, The New York Times Blog, The Daily Beast, Mashable.com, and garnered attention in multiple Ruby on Rails and CSS industry blogs.

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  • 811 W Evergreen St, Chicago, Illinois , United States .

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