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Modworks’ shared office space Denver design is truly revolutionary. By utilizing a modular framework, we are able to custom-tailor a space to your specific needs. These lockable offices come fully furnished with the latest and most comfortable line of HON furnishings. We realize that noise and privacy is of vital concern when it comes to being a part of a co-working community. Our offices have had multiple noise-canceling treatments to ensure that your space remains as quiet and as comfortable as possible. A Modworks office allows you to not only be a part of the co-working community, but also to have the ability to remove yourself from the workspace to remain private and productive. Once a member, you will also have access to our Modlist. This is a vetted list of preferred providers and services ranging from lawyers to designers to venture-capital firms. This list is at your disposal and can be utilized to help your business grow.

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  • 110 16th St, Denver, Colorado , United States .

# of employees: 2-10

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