San Mateo Professional Alliance Networking Lunch

from Wednesday, December 11, 2019 2:00PM to Wednesday, December 11, 2019 3:00PM

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    The San Mateo Professional Alliance is a business networking and leads club and we are looking for additional members. The club provides each member with valuable opportunities to promote his or her business or profession and to network with other business owners. See us on YouTube at or follow us on Facebook,  This week we are welcoming, John Murphy as our special guest speaker.   The San Mateo Professional Alliance's goal is very simple, to expand each member's business! To do this we meet regularly to have lunch, to learn about each others businesses and professions and to exchange business leads. The meetings run for about an hour. Each member and each guest provides a short introduction to his or her business and explains what kinds of business leads, customers and clients the person is looking for. Then, one of the members delivers a 15-30 minute promotional presentation to the group telling all the other members in more depth about his or her business or profession, the types of products or services provided, and what distinguishes the member's business from its competitors.   The club's membership is limited to only one representative from each type of business or profession. As a result, all tax and accounting referrals go to the one CPA in the club, all real estate legal matters go to the one real estate attorney in the club, everyone looking to buy or sell a home or condo are referred to the one Realtor in the club, everyone searching for a home loan is referred to the one real estate lender in the club, and so forth.At the meetings, members may display and distribute business cards, company brochures and other informational materials. A member will exchange a business lead when the member believes he has information about someone who could benefit from another member's services or products. Business referrals are exchanged and the lead may be as simple as the name and phone number of a person the member wants to refer to another member of the club. This exchange is a very powerful tool! Wouldn't you like to have 25 other business owners referring you business from their current and future customers and clients, friends, relatives and acquaintances?Club members are highly motivated to expand the club's membership base because additional members will produce more business leads and general networking opportunities for all members of the club.Club dues are very, very low - $60 per year. Membership in the club gets you an automatic listing in the club's website and in the club's printed brochure (one time fee of $40). Unlike most other business leads clubs, our club is run by and solely for the benefit of the members. We do not pay high dues to some distant central ownership organization.   We are currently involved in a membership drive and are looking for new members in several categories of business. If you would like to increase the opportunities to promote your business or profession, to network with other business owners like yourself, and to increase your client or customer base, call us. Or join us any Wednesday at 12:00 noon for lunch. Or call Mike Foor, Realtor at 650.430.6500. Or contact Mike Foor through his website at   We also have an informal networking session just before our one hour meeting and another informal networking session just after the meeting. So come early before noon if you like, or stay late if you have the time after 1:00 pm and network with other business owners.   We meet every Wednesday for lunch at noon at Central Park Bistro, 181 E 4th Ave, San Mateo. Call Mike Foor, Realtor, at 650.430.6500 for further information.
Central Park Bistro
181 E 4th Ave San Mateo CA US

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