Claremont Real Estate Investor Presentation

from Wednesday, December 11, 2019 9:00PM to Wednesday, December 11, 2019 11:00PM

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Want to work smarter for yourself?Want to be financially free? Today I would like to invite you to our 2-hr real estate investing info session where you will meet with our local real estate investment team and learn more about what we do as real estate investors & business ownership. Bring something to take notes with and come sit back and listen to why real estate investing is meant for everyone. Whether you like real estate or not, you might not realize yet that you already are an investor. You most likely pay for where you live now and you invest in someone's dreams! We all either pay a rent/mortgage or we get paid rent/mortgage. Would you rather pay someone for where you live or would you like to get paid? How would you like to take control of your retirement? The presentation will show you how SMART investors are doing exactly that.At the 2-hr real estate investing info session, we intend to show why that possibility has slipped past the 99% and what we are doing with real estate TODAY! You’re invited to attend a presentation related to offered education services that teach the many ways to invest in real estate:In Real Estate Investing: We are looking for those who want to learn how to be an investor and those who want to build wealth through investments in Real Estate. Not only do some of community members invest locally, but also invest nationwide.  A real estate license or experience is not necessary, but if you have either, great. Everybody is invited to check out the real estate investing classes we use and you can use them to build your own real estate investment portfolio too and/or:In Sales/Marketing: If you enjoy getting out and being around people, attending wealth building workshops and real estate events that may help you network and help find other people interested in real estate investing, then you'll have an opportunty to market the company’s services on an independent contracted marketing status.NOW IS THE TIME to make YOUR move towards building wealth. Register for a real estate investing presentation and come learn whether real estate could provide you with passive income too. Of course, there are no promises or guarantees that you will make money, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Register Now.Learn Different Financing Strategies with or without your money through Self Directed IRA's, HSA's, Private Funding, Hard Money Lenders, Short Sales, Foreclosures & REO's, Fix & Flips, Rehabbing, Tax Liens, Wholesaling, Buy & Hold, Rent or Least Options, No Money, No Credit Acquisition, Subject To Investing, Multi Units or Apartment Complexes, Seller Financed Notes, Commercial Investments, and much more!
Full Location Provided After You View Our 7 Minute Intro Webinar
W. Foothill Blvd Claremont CA US

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